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After a decade of developing award-winning mobile web experiences, we are transforming how multi-device web development is done.

Meet SNOW — an HTML5-compliant, server-side software that makes websites device aware, improves site performance and simplifies One Web development.

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People use devices not screens to access the web. Make your websites device-aware beyond layout and content reflow.

Forget about writing device detection and classification code. Use preconfigured groups to easily target any device, browser, or OS.

Tackle One Web completely server-side with SNOW or augment your client-side implementation with server-side intelligence — it’s your choice.

One code-base, one URL without a complete redesign. Quickly make your website device-aware by adding SNOW tags directly into its HTML/CSS.

Send only the right code to the right device and watch your load times shrink. SNOW serves only optimized code to the requesting device.

Shorten your development and QA time by testing your code in real-time on multiple devices simultaneously using SNOW emulator.